5. Mai 2023

Composites World: „Robotized System makes overmolding mobile and flexible“

Anybrid’s ROBIN demonstrates inline/offline functionalization of profiles, 3D-printed panels and bio-based materials for more efficient, sustainable composite parts.

As global industries and markets demand increased sustainability, novel automated systems such as Anybrid’s (Dresden, Germany) robotized injection molding (ROBIN) offer a means to functionalize composite components, eliminating bonding and facilitating lightweight assemblies.

“We developed this robotized injection molding machine in 2019 to produce hybrid components,” says Michael Stegelmann, managing partner at Anybrid (see “Robotic injection molding for functionalize composites”). “Hybrid components” refers to functionalizing a structure with an injection molded polymer to create local attachment points, stiffening ribs, etc. This overmolding process has gained traction in composites, but typically uses a traditional injection molding machine.


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