12. November 2020

AVK Innovation Award 2020

The ANYBRID team is delighted to receive the AVK Innovation Award 2020 for the ROBIN technology in the Processes and Procedures category.

The idea of "Robotised Injection Moulding" (ROBIN) was able to convince the jury of the AVK Innovation Award in the Processes and Methods category, which is why it awarded the founding team first place. In the evaluation criteria of the AVK Innovation Award, special emphasis is placed on the sustainability of the submissions. "We see the award as confirmation and further incentive on our way to bring the new way of thinking of mobile injection moulding to the market," emphasises Dr. Michael Krahl in his acknowledgement.

The founders can currently rely on the ideal conditions for start-ups at the Institute for Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology (ILK) at TU Dresden. In the context of this close partnership between start-up and university, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Maik Gude confirms: "With our strategy at the ILK, we want to promote technology transfer in Saxony through spin-offs with high-tech lightweight engineering solutions and sustainable business models. Thus, the latest company foundation from the ILK environment is imminent.

The variety of possibilities to produce components with a unique variability and to integrate them into existing production lines is both the great advantage and the greatest challenge. After all, this process turns production upside down in such a way that completely new ways of thinking are required. In order to master this, the founding team accompanies the first customers in the product creation already in the early stages of pre-development. Ultimately, the founding team's declared goal is to integrate the ROBIN system technology into modern production lines in such a way that the comprehensive advantages can be exploited to the maximum.

You can find the press release of the TU Dresden here.

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The brochure on the 2020 award winners can be found here.

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