think beyond hybrid.

Robotised polymer processing for versatile products.

Through the specific use of lightweight design technologies, we have managed to combine the usually static machine technology of injection moulding with classic industrial robotics. This allows us to move the injection moulding machine freely in a space for the first time, both to equip the production with a unique agility and to manufacture hybrid components with a unique variability.



11. June 2021|

ANYBRID is now really getting into its stride and, together with the Institute for Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology at the TU Dresden, wins the JEC AWARD 2021 in the "Equipment and Machinery" category.

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What is Hybrid?



  • Intelligent connection of different materials
  • Exploitation of the specific material properties
  • New solutions through material composites where individual materials reach their limits


  • Combination of several process steps based on injection moulding
  • Savings in process and assembly steps
  • Automated and series production


  • Innovative component design for high-tech applications
  • Mass saving
  • Integration of additional functions
  • Reduction of individual parts due to integral design


Because we think one step beyond hybrid.

The challenge of combining different materials to create hybrid components always lies in the effort and costs involved. For large components and small series quantities, hybridisation is limited to classic processes such as bonding or welding, sometimes with high manual expenses. Due to the high equipment and mould costs, hybrid injection moulding has so far been limited to small components or large series production quantities.
This is exactly where we come in and completely rethink the process and product.
Robin - produktion


composite pipe


In doing so, we reduce the mass of the injection moulding machine to a minimum. We rely on small injection units and compact, inexpensive and quickly exchangeable moulds. Together with our lightweight clamping system, we can also make the extensive advantages of hybrid technologies available for smaller series and large components.
The basis of the mobile system technology is our Robotised Injection Moulding, or ROBIN for short. We developed a closing system for the injection moulding machine using lightweight materials and technologies. This allowed us to reduce the mass of the system to less than 140 kg and thus mount it on classic industrial robotics.
This allows us to move the machine freely in space and enable agile production.
We bond thermoplastics with our ROBIN system to a wide range of basic semi-finished products or components such as other plastics, metals or even wood.
The decoupling of functionalisation in injection moulding results in completely new ways of thinking about the design of components
Take advantage of ROBIN injection moulding technology as a fully automated process step for functionalising basic structures. Benefit from the high degree of automation of classic injection moulding technology.
As an established processing method in the plastics industry, injection moulding is synonymous with high reproducible quality and moulded part precision.
The compact and lightweight design allows the ROBIN system to be integrated flexibly and quickly into existing production lines.

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