12. February 2021

Transfer project of the month

THE Dresden Chamber of Industry and Commerce presents ANYBRID GMBH as transproject of the month in the first annual issue of its members' magazine.

Is lightweight design a philosophy?

"Lightweight design is a philosophy that not only results in products with less mass"
That's what the current issue of the Dresden Chamber of Industry and Commerce says.

Is lightweight design really a philosophy or even a question of faith?

From our point of view, lightweight design is and remains an essential cross-sectional discipline in a multitude of applications and industries. The great advantage here is that regardless of any trend reversals in the industry, lightweight design will always play a role in the end. Regardless of whether the car of the future is powered by petrol, diesel, electricity or hydrogen - wherever moving masses are involved, lightweight design makes sense. Doesn't it?

Take a look at this practical view of our technology. You can also find the full article online at this Link on p. 22.

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