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The use of composite materials in structural applications creates specific challenges for joining. The correct load application in fiber-reinforced plastics is essential to fully exploit the potential of these lightweight materials.

Together with the Innovation Group of REHAU Industries we have consequently developed a material-specific way of adding inserts using mobile injection moulding. A high bonding strength between the composite component and the injection moulding material is particularly important. Both for different Polyamide (PA) based materials and for Polyetherimide (PEI) a high bonding strength could be achieved in extensive investigations. The results of these developments are demonstrated by composite profiles with molded inserts. High-performance components based on aerospace applications have also been implemented using PEI materials.

An essential part of the process chain is the production of profiles in continuous manufacturing processes (such as continuous compression moulding or extrusion). In the future, mobile injection moulding will be directly integrated in order to apply the functional elements with the inserts in the production line as required. Offline functionalisation of composite profiles or assemblies can also be flexibly realised with different material combinations and variable insert positions.


  • Mono-Material-Design
  • Integration of the Insertion of Joining Elements in the process line
  • Flexible offline functionalisation with different material combinations
  • Hohe erreichbare Auszugskräfte
  • Integration of additional functionalisations: e.g. sealing and anti-twist resistance

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More Case Studies

ROBIN in the extrusion line

In close cooperation with the innovation group of REHAU Industries, the ROBIN technology was integrated directly into an extrusion line. Functionalisations were applied to a profile at regular intervals.

Functionalisation of composite profiles

Together with our partners INOMETA GmbH and Mitsui Chemicals Europe GmbH as well as the Institute for Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology at the TU Dresden, we have completely redesigned the functionalisation of high-performance profiles.

Functionalisation of wood

The versatility of our ROBIN system allows us to apply a wide range of functions to wooden panels or profiles. And this with outstandingly good bonding strengths.

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