23. February 2022

News Article in the "Kunststoffe"

It's there at last, the current issue of Kunststoffe with a detailed article on our mobile injection moulding ROBIN. The article focuses in particular on the cooperation between Rehau and us. We proudly present the results of the extensive tests in Rehau's technical centre.

For the first time, we used our ROBIN system directly in the extrusion line to overmould functional elements onto profiles.

The results in short:

  • Harmonisation of haul-off speed in profile extrusion with the cycle in injection moulding.
  • Variance in the positioning of the elements in terms of angle and spacing.
  • Overmoulding of flat and hollow profiles
  • Validation of mono- and multi-material systems

The results leave us wanting more. Everything is described in detail in the article.

Thanks at this point for the cooperative collaboration at the REHAU Technikum.

The possibilities offered by the functionalisation of porous aluminium are also reflected in the article. This is based on the cooperation with Automoteam GmbH.


Enjoy reading. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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