Functionalisation of porous aluminium

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Together with our partners from Automoteam GmbH we have demonstrated the feasibility of functionalising FILLSERTS made out of aluminium.

FILLSERTS are multi-structural, multi-functional and (selectively) open-pore aluminium castings. They differ substantially from conventionally foamed, sintered or 3D-printed metals.

Thanks to the injection moulding combination, the aluminium is infiltrated with the polymer, resulting in a perfect mechanical bonding. In this way, high joint strengths are achieved without the need for pre-treatment of the surfaces.

More Case Studies

Moulding WOOD

Why not simply mould wood in an injection moulding process? No problem with the CxP from Dongnam Realize. We used it directly to overmould wood. Exciting material with huge potential.

INSERT Functionalisation

Together with the innovation group of REHAU Industries, we have developed a material-specific placement of inserts using mobile injection-moulding.

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