8. November 2022

K 2022 – ROBIN – the next generation

The world's first "flying injection moulding machine" was presented live to a broad audience at the K trade show in Düsseldorf. The versatility of the machine technology resulting from the newly gained mobility led to fascination among the visitors and the direct generation of ideas of possible applications.

The ANYBRID team presented the great potential of mobile injection moulding ("ROBIN") to the international trade public at this year's K in Düsseldorf. For this purpose, a 6-axis robot was used to demonstrate the functionality of the ROBIN technology at various stations. The first station demonstrated the integration of injection moulding in continuous production lines. Here, among other things, impressions from the production studies at REHAU as well as various demonstrators could be seen. At the second station, the functionalisation of complex-shaped profiles was shown, while the third station demonstrated the use of ROBIN for the local overmoulding of large-scale structures. "We wanted to show the variety of possible applications of ROBIN on the one hand through the flexible application scenarios and on the other hand through the different material combinations." Dr. Michael Krahl, also founder and managing director of ANYBRID, comments. In addition to the wide range of applications that have been implemented with thermoplastics and will be demonstrated on site, application scenarios with wood or metal will also be presented.


However, the focus of the exhibition booth was the presentation of the second ROBIN system generation. This comes with important improvements. In addition to a 10 % reduction in weight, the position of the robot connection, for example, has been adjusted. By optimising the centre of gravity of the system, the positioning and reach of the system in combination with the robotics was increased. Furthermore, after extensive stress tests of the carbon fibre-reinforced C-frame, the design of the frame was greatly improved so that the maximum clamping force could now be increased to up to 12 tonnes.

The following video of the robot cell at K 2022 gives an impression of the ANYBRID booth.

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