„New Plastic Heroes“ in the Kunststoffe-magazin

18. January 2023|

Using lightweight technologies to make injection molding equipment so compact and light that it can take off with robotic assistance - that is Anybrid's vision. The start-up from Dresden knows how to convince not only with words, but also with its understanding of technology.

K 2022 – ROBIN – the next generation

8. November 2022|

The world's first "flying injection moulding machine" was presented live to a broad audience at the K trade show in Düsseldorf. The versatility of the machine technology resulting from the newly gained mobility led to fascination among the visitors and the direct generation of ideas of possible applications.

Pioneer of the "Leichtbauwelt"

31. March 2022|

Pioneer of the month in the "Leichtbauwelt": "What the Robin of Sherwood Forest only tried to do, the Robin of injection molding succeeds in doing: turning long-established and traditional conditions on their head".

News Article in the "Kunststoffe"

23. February 2022|

It's there at last, the current issue of Kunststoffe with a detailed article on our mobile injection moulding ROBIN. The article focuses in particular on the cooperation between Rehau and us. We proudly present the results of the extensive tests in Rehau's technical centre.

Article in the JEC Magazine

20. January 2022|

Exciting article in the JEC Group magazine about our joint project with INOMETA and Mitsui. High-performance TAFNEX® tapes from Mitsui were processed into composite profiles at INOMETA using laser-based thermoplastic winding before they were functionalised with #ROBIN.

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